Tassa scolastica 2.800 € all'anno

For the academic year 2023/2024 the tuition fees ranged from 156€ to 2.800€ per year, depending on the student’s financial situation.

For more information on the tuition fees for the a.y. 2024/2025, please refer to the dedicated webpage on our University portal. At the same page you’ll also be able to verify if you are eligible for a fee reduction or exemption.

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Diagnostics is one of the basement pillars of biomedicine that is in continuous and breakless evolution from basic research to clinical applications, in terms of developing new concepts, tools and technologies.

Scientific and technical innovations fuel medical progress through the ability to better understand disease biology and the development of new methods to diagnose and treat a disease.
Diagnostics can be divided in two main sub-fields differing whether the procedure is performed in vitro (or ex-vivo) or in vivo, directly in a living organism.

However, regardless of this classification, diagnostics is a highly multidisciplinary field that requires expertise and skills from very qualified and well-trained personnel with different and complementary background, including chemistry, physics, biology, biotechnology, pharmacology, informatic, and medicine. As it is quite unfeasible to offer all these competences in a single educational pathway, diagnostics is mostly taught in medicine-oriented courses, where the focus is primarily placed on the clinical aspects.

On this basis, the Master’s degree course in Biotechnological and Chemical Sciences in Diagnostics is an innovative educational offer aimed at training a professional figure of researcher/biomedical operator who, starting from a robust general background in chemistry/biology/biotechnology will acquire advanced multidisciplinary skills and competences in both in vitro and in vivo diagnostic field, giving more emphasis to the state-of-the-art chemical and biotechnological approaches in this area.

The theoretical and practical abilities acquired during the course will allow the master graduates to operate in multidisciplinary and international work environment, interacting productively with professionals operating in the engineering, physical, ICT, and medical sectors.

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