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The objective of the Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology is to prepare Biologists endowed with a profound and integrated knowledge of the biological systems, going from the molecular and cellular level to complex organisms. Such Biologists will be able to spend their knowledge in specific areas of applied biology such as biotechnology, biomedicine and neurosciences.

Graduates will acquire deep theoretical and practical knowledge in the cellular-molecular field, in both physiological and pathological states. In particular, during the common part of the educational route they will achieve competences in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, pharmacology, physiology. They will also became able to deal with both statistic and IT tools necessary for experimental data collection and analysis. Graduates will be able to apply multidisciplinar and specialistic knowledge in the research field, both basic and applied, or in activities related to production and/or services, with particular reference to the biomolecular, biotechnological, biomedical or neurobiological field. They will also be able to manage with professional activities implying advanced, innovative or experimental methodologies.

The specific educational objectives of the Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology aim to provide students with appropriate cultural tools allowing:
•the enrollment in the ‘A’ Biologist National Register, after passing the State exam;
•the introduction to professional activities and projects in basic and applied research institutes, in private and public biomedical laboratories, in pharmaceutical companies, and also to activities aimed at promoting and developing scientific and technological innovation, and management and design of molecular and cellular technologies;
•the entry into pertinent PhD Schools, in Italy or abroad;
•the entry into Specialty Schools pertaining to the School of Medicine, possibly opened to people graduated in LM-6 class.

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Le scadenze per le candidature valgono per i cittadini di: Stati Uniti

Al momento non disponibile per candidature

Le scadenze per le candidature valgono per i cittadini di: Stati Uniti