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Scienze animali (curriculum in Animal nutrition and feed safety)

Tuition fee €2,800 per year

For the academic year 2023/2024 the tuition fees ranged from 156€ to 2.800€ per year, depending on the student’s financial situation.

For more information on the tuition fees for the a.y. 2024/2025, please refer to the dedicated webpage on our University portal. At the same page you’ll also be able to verify if you are eligible for a fee reduction or exemption.

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The Master’s degree in Animal Science aims at meeting the needs of both graduates with previous work experience, wishing to improve their professional status, and graduates holding a first-cycle degree, willing to improve their skills in livestock farming.

This Master’s degree program aims at training skilled professionals in the field of the production chain of food of animal origin and feed, the quality and safety of forages and feeds, taking into consideration both livestock and pet animals nutritional requirements, the environmental balance, the conservation and protection of animal biodiversity in the livestock production sector, and the animal welfare. Furthermore, the course aims to improve knowledge in animal feeding management, technical management of the animal feeding industry and of the industry of food of animal origin, as well as product marketing. Another objective of this program is to provide graduates with a global perception of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course, in order to organize and apply it to an environment of limited resources and to find the most sustainable technical solution in livestock-farming.

Career opportunities

Graduates in this Master’s degree are highly skilled to perform management tasks in the livestock production chains, the animal feeding industry (included pet animal feeding) with a high degree of responsibility. Career opportunities include jobs in the research field and its application to animal science and milk, meat and egg production, in the animal feeding industry (included pet animal feeding), as well as in the livestock production field.