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Tassa scolastica 8.400,00 € all'anno

Annualmente le tasse sono suddivise in 2 parti:
- contributo € 2,800,00 (per pagare un contributo calcolato in base alle tue condizioni economiche, devi richiedere l’ISEE o ISEE parificato valido per le prestazioni agevolate per il diritto allo studio universitario);
- contributo aggiuntivo: importo variabile compreso tra €700,00 e €5.600,00 calcolato in base all’ISEE/ISEE parificato.


Our program provides students with a high-level education in the business management field. The main subjects taught at the first year deepen and broaden students’ understanding of the business functions in big, complex and multinational companies. Integrating reporting, International law and taxation, Quality and environment management, Business organization, International corporate finance and Capital markets are considered fundamental courses, together with Interpreting the macroeconomic scenario and Managing change and innovation. At the second year, students can choose, among a vast array of elective courses, those that most meet their interests and abilities. The program concludes with a compulsory internship and a final project. The project work should be strictly based on a deep-contact experience within an organization, providing again a new opportunity to all students to enhance their academic knowledge with field experience.

With this program, we aim at contributing to create a new generation of open-minded, serious and well prepared managers, who can hold top job position such as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer in complex, multinational and multicultural companies.

Sbocchi professionali

Many careers are open to our graduates in Business Administration. Their language skills, international perspective and problem-solving mindset will allow them to cover qualified positions in multinational organizations and financial institutions.
Our graduates should be able to achieve the top of the management hierarchy and become Officers, Chief Officers and Directors of the different business functions: Accounting and Finance, Risk Management, Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Human Resources etc.

Candidati ora! Anno accademico 2019/20
Scadenza per le candidature
14/apr/2019 23:59
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