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International Baccalaureate Diploma

If you apply for undergraduate degree programs and 5/6-year postgraduate degree programs and you hold an International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma) you have to attach it to your online application only if:
- it is issued by one of the authorized schools listed on the website of the International Baccalaureate Office. Verify if your school is included in the list here;
- you satisfy all the conditions listed below:
1. According to the education system of your country, you have been deemed eligible for the penultimate class of high school before starting the IB program;
2. You obtained the full IB Diploma with at least 24 points in the six chosen subjects
3.Twelve points out of 24 have to be obtained on “Higher Level”;
4. You have completed the three core subjects: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) and Extended Essay (EE).
Do not forget to grant The University of Torino (International Students Desk the electronic access to the IB information system (IBIS) in order to verify your IB Diploma online.

Thank you for your time!