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Artificial Intelligence for Biomedicine and Healthcare

Tassa scolastica 2.800 € all'anno

For the academic year 2023/2024 the tuition fees ranged from 156€ to 2.800€ per year, depending on the student’s financial situation.

For more information on the tuition fees for the a.y. 2024/2025, please refer to the dedicated webpage on our University portal. At the same page you’ll also be able to verify if you are eligible for a fee reduction or exemption.

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The LM-91 Artificial Intelligence for Biomedicine and Healthcare program aims to create a professional figure capable of applying digital innovation to the biomedical and healthcare sectors. The graduate in AIBH will have a transversal interdisciplinary skillset that joins the biomedical field together with practical experience and solid skills in artificial intelligence and data science. The course takes place in a 2-year time, and it is divided into 120 credits necessary for the achievement of the Master’s degree.

Courses covering the main fields of biomedicine, data management, and data analysis are foreseen, as well as integrated courses aimed at deepening the practical and multidisciplinary aspects of these areas. In addition, ethical, legal, and economic aspects concerning the analysis and management of biomedical data in public and private contexts will be addressed.

Students will accumulate experience in the laboratory and, together with the internship linked to their thesis that can be done in public or private companies, in Italy or abroad, will develop professionalism and technical skills that will be useful in any working reality and in research. The graduate will represent a professional bridging figure between two different realities, making the communication between biomedicine and data analysis more effective, in a world where too often these two disciplines speak different languages, reciprocally little understandable.

Struttura del programma

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