Tassa scolastica 2.800 € all'anno

Per l’anno accademico 2022/2023 l’importo del contributo studentesco era compreso tra 156€ e 2.800€ all’anno.

Per informazioni sul contributo previsto per l’anno accademico 2023/2024 consulta la pagina dedicata sul portale di Ateneo. Alla stessa pagina potrai verificare come richiedere una riduzione o un esonero dal contributo studentesco per l’anno accademico 2023/2024.

Tassa di iscrizione 50 € una tantum

Il contributo obbligatorio per l’invio della candidatura deve essere pagato entro le scadenze previste dalla finestra. L’importo del pagamento rimane invariato sia che si selezionino 2 corsi di studi o uno solo. L’importo non è rimborsabile.

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The Neuroscience field is experiencing amazing developments, characterized by a progressive expansion of conceptual approaches, scientific tools, clinical and technological applications. Over the past two decades, this sector has extended its boundaries far beyond biomedical sciences, incorporating knowledge and tools not only from physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering, but also from humanities and social sciences. The growing integration between Neuroscience and other scientific sectors is delivering great clinical, economic and social impacts, stimulating the transfer of basic knowledge to different applications. These include new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, increasingly better tools for the study of the nervous system in physiological and pathological conditions as well as powerful approaches for examining and manipulating neural circuits.

This fast growth poses new challenges to the academic preparation of new professionals in the sector, who may be able to operate competitively in a work scenario that increasingly requires complex interdisciplinary preparation.

The Master degree course in Biotechnology for Neuroscience aims at training a figure of researcher / biomedical operator who, starting from a strong general background in medical biotechnologies, will develop advanced multidisciplinary skills in various areas of Neuroscience. The theoretical and practical abilities acquired during the course will allow graduates to operate in multidisciplinary and international work contexts, interacting productively with professionals operating in the medical, engineering, physical and ICT subfields of Neuroscience.

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