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Tuition fee €2,800 per year

To obtain a reduction in the above amount you must have requested ISEE certification for financial aid.

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The main objective is to provide students with sound basic knowledge, adequate competences to face the vast development of the majority of Biology fields.
The degree programme will provide students with basis knowledge in the areas of mathematics, statistic, chemistry, physics, IT, cytology and histology, zoology, botany, ecology, biochemistry molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, comparative anatomy, animal and vegetal physiology. Moreover, mandatory additional courses with cultural and professional value will be part of the curricula.

Il principale obiettivo è di fornire ai laureati, mediante solide conoscenze di base, una preparazione adeguata a fronteggiare l’enorme sviluppo della maggior parte delle aree della Biologia.
Il corso di laurea fornirà a tutti gli studenti conoscenze di base comuni di matematica, statistica, chimica, fisica, informatica, citologia e istologia, zoologia, botanica, ecologia, biochimica, biologia molecolare, genetica, microbiologia, anatomia comparata, fisiologia animale e vegetale. A queste conoscenze di base si aggiungono insegnamenti integrativi obbligatori, di valenza culturale e professionale.

Career opportunities

• Biochemist
• Biologist
• Biologist specialised in molecular biology
• Biologist specialised in biomonitoring and risk assessment
• Botanist
• Microbiologist
• Nutritionist
• Zoologist

• Biochimico e Biochimica
• Biologo e Biologa
• Biologo e Biologa specialista in biologia molecolare
• Biologo e Biologa specialista in biomonitoraggio e valutazione del rischio
• Botanico e Botanica
• Microbiologo e Microbiologa
• Nutrizionista
• Zoologo e Zoologa

Apply now! Academic year 2019/20
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Sep 23, 2019
Apply now! Academic year 2019/20
Application period has ended
Studies commence
Sep 23, 2019

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States