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Scienze agrarie (International curriculum in Smart Agriculture)

Tuition fee €2,800 per year

For the academic year 2023/2024 the tuition fees ranged from 156€ to 2.800€ per year, depending on the student’s financial situation.

For more information on the tuition fees for the a.y. 2024/2025, please refer to the dedicated webpage on our University portal. At the same page you’ll also be able to verify if you are eligible for a fee reduction or exemption.

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The Master degree in Agricultural Sciences offers a two-year study period organized over four semesters. The curriculum on Smart Agriculture includes 2 semesters taught in English of 30 ECTS each, in the 2nd half of the first academic year and in the 1st half of the second year. Each semester is designed to provide a set of lessons and practical activities with groupwork on enabling technologies in agriculture. The 2nd semester in the 2nd year includes a thesis and such activities as internships and stages on farms or food-enterprises.

Y1S1: Agricultural politics, Statistics, Renewable energy (Italian)

Y1S2: Decision support tools for crop management (English)

Y2S1: Applying decision support tools for smart agriculture (English)

Y2S2: Thesis and other activities (Italian/English)

The students will acquire the capability of increasing agricultural sustainability through improving technical and economic farm efficiencies integrating precision agriculture and agroecology strategies to reduce agricultural impacts.

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